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Clarke Ultra Speed Pro High Speed Burnisher

The Ultra Speed Pro 1500 features a powerful DC rectified motor that drives a consistent 1,500 rpm’s to maintain a wet-look shine on finished floors. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety features, such as handle-mounted safety switch and circuit breaker, and a 50 ft yellow cord, this machine gets the job done fast.

Hawk BlackHawk High Speed Burnisher

The BlackHawk burnisher uses a 1.5 HP AC enclosed motor to drive a 20” pad at 1250 RPM for efficient polishing of all hard floor finishes. The AC motor eliminates carbon brushes and rectifier and utilizes a pigtail power cord for easy replacement.

Hawk HP1520 High Speed Burnisher

The Hawk high speed burnisher is known for its balance, durability, and value.

Pioneer Eclipse 300BU Battery Burnisher

The 300BU is a 20" Ultra-High Speed burnisher that rapidly produces high levels of gloss on VCT, polished concrete, and other hard floor surfaces. The 300BU features SteadyOne pad control technology that dramatically improves the performance and life span of burnishing pads while producing excellent single-pass results.

Tennant B5 Battery Burnisher

Achieve high performance propane-like gloss results with the ultra-quiet, battery-powered B5 walk-behind floor burnisher. Your facility will benefit from the machine's optimized down pressure and pad speed, and the environment will benefit from a battery floor burnisher that emits no exhaust emissions and maintains indoor air quality with passive dust control.

Tennant BR-1600-NDC High Speed Burnisher

Achieve the ultimate high-gloss finish on a variety of solid-surface floors with the BR-1600-NDC floor burnisher. The durable, corrosion-proof polyethylene construction of this commercial burnisher and TennantTrue parts will keep your floors shiny and clean.