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Truekleen Emerald Optically Enhanced Floor Cleaner

A highly concentrated liquid cleaner made especially to maintain “wet look” floors. Emerald has a neutral pH to clean without penetrating the floor finish or even hurting its gloss. Special detergents leave no dulling film or haze but actually restore the luster of floors that have started to dull.

Truekleen Liminate Mal Odor Eliminator

An all purpose, broad use foul odor eliminator that is very concentrated and water soluble making it versatile for multiple applications. Formulated with Airicide odor counteractant to change the geometries of odorous molecules so they are not perceived as unpleasant.

Truekleen Nu-Aire Refresh Odor Counteractant & Smoke Eliminator

An instant acting odor counteractant that eases foul odors and controls odors for a long time. It employs AIRICIDE odor counteractant that is designed to merge with and change odorous molecules so they are not recognized as the foul odor they would have been.

Truekleen Rinseless Stripper

A unique, effective floor finish emulsifier that does not just soften all floor finishes, but completely liquefies them almost instantly.

Truekleen Topaz Anti-Slip & Gloss Restorer

An ideal companion product for use with any high speed maintenance program. Regular use of this product keeps floors looking great day after day.

Truekleen UFS Floor Sealer

A permanent acrylic seal that dries clear like glass and is guaranteed not to darken or discolor in any way with age. It restores the color and strengthens the surface of old floors and improves the tight bonding of finish to new floors.

Truekleen Winterinse Salt Film Remover

Just mop with Winterinse and your floors can be as beautiful in the winter as they are in the summer. Winterinse will eliminate the white film from ice melt chemicals that are deposited at entrance ways and can be tracked over other flooring and carpeting.

Truekleen Wood Cleaner & Polish Wipes

Wipes are the easiest and most convenient way to keep furniture looking brand new. In one easy step, you can clean smudge marks, remove dust, dirt, and condition surfaces against everyday wear, leaving a natural, ultra-protective shine.