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Bowl Brush Caddy

An easy to use, versatile, and durable bowl brush caddy that provides easy storage for a brush and quart bottle when not in use.

Chemical Dispenser

A 5 gallon dispenser with faucet that is used for storing and dispensing pre-mixed cleaning chemicals or chemical concentrates that saves time, improves safety, and saves space.

Chemical Dispenser Faucet

A replacement faucet for the 5 gallon chemical dispenser so you do not have to buy a new dispenser when the faucet is damaged or lost.

Divided Bucket

A 19 quart all purpose divided, double bucket for separating cleaning solution and rinse water to provide an eco-friendly experience.

Plastic Bucket with Spout

A 10 quart medium duty bucket with spout that is chemical resistant, made with a quality design, and helps save time and money.

Shampoo Tank Kit

A cost effective 4 gallon shampoo tank kit with a universal fit that will bolt on most tubular handle floor machines.

Space Station Rack

Vertically store chemicals and save valuable floor space with this space station rack with three shelves.

Supply Carry Caddy

Perfect for carrying tools and cleaning supplies and also fits conveniently on janitor carts.