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Caution Wet Floor High Visibility Cone

A highly visible 36" bright yellow hazard protection cone with bilingual safety communication that utilizes ANSI/OSHA-compliant color.

Front Stem Caster Wheel

A replacement front stem caster wheel designed for the traditional janitor cart.

Locking Cabinet Door

The Rubbermaid Commercial locking janitorial cleaning cart cabinet collects waste and transports tool for efficient cleaning. Helps keep chemicals out of reach and improves safety.

Locking Cabinet Keys

A replacement key set designed for the traditional janitor cart locking cabinet.

Rear Wheel & Axle Assembly

A replacement rear wheel and axle assembly designed for the traditional janitor cart.

Rubbermaid BRUTE Dolly

The Rubbermaid Commercial dolly smoothly and efficiently transports 20, 32, 44, and 55 gallon BRUTE containers easily and quickly.

Rubbermaid BRUTE Lid

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE self-draining lid features self-draining channels that prevent water from pooling. Snap-lock ensures a secure fit while ridges enables stacking for space efficient storage.

Rubbermaid High Duster Head

A replacement high duster head for Rubbermaid's overhead dusting tool.

Rubbermaid High Security Janitor Cart

The Rubbermaid Commercial Executive High-Security Janitorial Cleaning Cart provides the most secure cart, featuring quiet casters and ball-bearing wheels along with preassembled locking hood and doors that is perfect for healthcare facilities. Dual access, locking security hood and doors keep the cleaning supplies concealed from view. Designed to work with any microfiber cleaning accessories while also improving security.

Rubbermaid Hygen Microfiber Dusting Sleeve

Made of a high-pile split microfiber that provides more dusting coverage than low-pile microfiber. Easily slides on to the Flexi-Wand for quick and efficient dusting.

Rubbermaid Hygen Microfiber Mop Charging Bucket

Ideal for use in healthcare facilities, the bucket is designed with a molded-in measuring guide to aid in filling with cleaning solution and grates to prevent oversaturation of microfiber wet pads.

Rubbermaid Hygen Quick-Connect Flexi-Wand with Microfiber Dusting Sleeve

20" flexible handle with included microfiber sleeve helps easily clean vents, furniture, bed covers, and uniquely shaped fixtures such as crown molding, tops of cabinets, and other areas.