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20″ x 14″ Red Cleaning Floor Pads

Specially made to fit 20" x 14" pad drivers on oscillating/orbital scrubbers, these red floor pads are perfect for daily cleaning.

3M 12L Country Day Deodorizer

A long lasting deodorizer that leaves a light, floral scent that can be used anywhere there is a need to control unpleasant odors.

3M 3200 Beige TopLine Speed Burnish Floor Pads

Optimizes ultra-high-speed burnishing on a wide variety of finishes. Combines black mark removal and gloss generation in one pad.

3M 3300 Natural Blend White Floor Pads

A floor maintenance burnish pad made of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. Achieves excellent results of consistent high gloss and minimal swirl marks on a wide variety of finishes and traffic conditions.

3M 3400 Tan Burnish Floor Pads

A floor maintenance burnishing pad that produces good gloss improvement while removing scuffs and marks. Exceptional durability and life. Ideal for harder finishes and high traffic conditions.

3M 3600 Eraser Burnish Floor Pads

Removes black marks and returns gloss in fewer passes than other pads while producing less dust. Ideal for harder finishes and high traffic areas. Excellent durability and minimal finish removal.

3M 3H Neutral Cleaner

A neutral cleaner designed to clean washable hard surfaces, best choice for high-traffic areas such as retail, Class A, and high-profile buildings, as well as for high traffic entryways and hallways.

3M 40L Disinfectant Cleaner RCT

The 40L is an EPA-registered concentrated, one-step, hospital use disinfectant cleaner that kills pathogens in as little as 3 minutes, fragrance and dye-free.

3M 4100 White Super Polish Floor Pads

Ideal for light cleaning to help remove soil and scuff marks with minimal dulling of the floor finish. Can also be used to polish wood floors, spray clean, or dry buff soft finishes.

3M 5100 Red Buffer Floor Pads

A floor maintenance, cleaning, and buffing pad designed for everyday cleaning and light scrubbing to remove light soil, scuff marks, and black heel marks.

3M 7200 Black Stripper Floor Pads

Made to strip floor finish from floor prior to refinishing with consistent, proven performance, with a longer pad life. The industry standard against which all other stripping pads are compared.

3M Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Floor Pads

Shines the floor as you can with it and with repeated use your floors gradually achieve burnish-quality results without the extra step of actually burnishing. Using a low speed scrubber or rotary machine with just plain water or neutral cleaner, it effectively removes scuff marks faster than traditional floor pads and lasts significantly longer. So you can maintain a shining reflection with less time, effort, and equipment.