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50′ Replacement Buffer Cord

A replacement 50', 14 gauge, 3-wire buffer cord that fits most low speed floor machines.

75′ Replacement Buffer Cord

A replacement 75', 14 gauge, 3-wire buffer cord that fits most high speed burnishers.

Brush Assembly for iCapsol

A replacement brush assembly for the Windsor iCapsol Mini interim extractor. The assembly includes the brush and hub on the non-drive side.

Brush Belt Drive for V-WA-26

A TennantTrue replacement brush drive belt for the Tennant V-WA-26 and Nobles Magna Twin wide area vacuums.

Brush Roll Cover for CarpetMaster

A replacement brush roll cover for the Clarke CarpetMaster vacuums.

Brush Roll for SC5845

A replacement 15" brush roll assembly for the Sanitaire SC5845 FORCE QuietClean vacuum.

Brush Roll for SC688

A replacement 12" brush roll for the Sanitaire SC688 TRADITION vacuum.

Brush Roll for Sensor 12

A replacement 12" brush roll for the Windsor Sensor 12" vacuums.

Carbon Brush for BR-1600-NDC

A TennantTrue replacement carbon brush for the Tennant BR-1600-NDC high speed burnisher and Tennant FM-20-DS low speed floor machine. Please note: most machines require 4 carbon brushes

Carbon Brushes for High Speed Burnishers

A pack of replacement carbon brushes that fit on Hawk high speed burnishers and many other high speed burnishers that use an Imperial motor.

Carpet Wand for Hot Shot

A 10" carpet wand for the Hawk Hot Shot extraction spotter.

Center Lock Pad Holder – Clamp

A replacement center lock pad holder with clamp/snap design that secures pads to the pad driver. This center lock fits most battery scrubbers, high speed burnishers, and low speed floor machines.