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3M 22H Low Odor Floor Stripper

A low-odor floor stripper for use on most resilient tile floors. Formulated to quickly and effectively remove multiple layers of floor finish and sealer.

3M 6H Speed Stripper

Formulated to quickly and effectively soften and remove floor finishes and sealers from resilient floors.

Claire Foam Baseboard Wax Stripper

Heavy-duty, foaming product that is designed to remove excess floor finish where floor machines cannot reach. The thick, penetrating foam clings to surfaces for easy removal of wax.

Diversey Pro Strip SC High Efficiency Floor Stripper

A powerful stripper that quickly bites through layers of floor finish, decreasing downtime and labor costs, while reducing the odors associated with floor stripping. This highly concentrated low odor floor stripper is not formulated with ammonia or butyl.

ONE UP Ultra-Strip Powerful Stripper

An ultra powerful, portion controlled, concentrated formula that is right for stripping jobs that you know will be trouble right from the start.

Truekleen Rinseless Stripper

A unique, effective floor finish emulsifier that does not just soften all floor finishes, but completely liquefies them almost instantly.