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Clarke CFP Pro 20 Floor Machine

The CFP Pro 20 floor machines are rugged high powered machines built for years of use in a wide range of floor machine applications. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety features, such as handle-mounted safety switch, and a 50' yellow cord, these all metal construction machines are designed for heavy duty use. The handle lock can be actuated by foot, and there is a convenient cord wrap for cord storage when not in use.

Hawk Glide Floor Machine

The Glide is unique in that it steers in forward-and-backward movement, unlike the typical side-to-side movements of a traditional machine. The Glide delivers up to twice the performance, superior safety, and 1/3rd less amps than traditional floor machines.

Hawk Talon Edger Floor Machine

The Talon Edger floor machine is designed to scrub built-up dirt in corners and on baseboards without bending and back-breaking effort. Scrub with pads or with optional bonnets and brushes.

Hawk TigerHawk Orbital Floor Machine

The TigerHawk 2014 Deluxe Orbital floor machine works faster than rotary machines and easily reaches into corners and baseboards. The rectangular "floating head" design is easy to maneuver, with less vibration, sound, and operator fatigue than other brands.

MotorScrubber MS2000M Battery Cleaning Machine

The MotorScrubber is the ultimate cordless, high torque, lightweight cleaning machine used for fantastic washing, polishing, cleaning, and grinding results.

Pioneer Eclipse 225FP Floor Machine

The 225FP is a corded floor care machine powered by a 1.5 HP UL approved high torque motor and equipped with a triple planetary gearbox. The 20" 225FP produces up to 7,000 square feet of polished floor per hour, respectively. The machine comes equipped with a pad holder.

Tennant FM-20-SS Floor Machine

Polish, scrub and strip almost any floor, including uneven surfaces, with this single speed floor machines. Deliver versatile cleaning power and chemical-free floor finish stripping with this heavy-duty, polyethylene floor machine.