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Tennant 1610 ReadySpace Dual Mode Carpet Extractor

Keep high-traffic carpet areas looking cleaner, longer with this walk-behind, dual technology extractor. As an interim cleaning extractor, this machine's ReadySpace technology cleans and dries carpet in less than 30 minutes, making it ideal for interim cleanings in-between deep cleans. The 1610 is also a deep cleaning extractor for periodic restorative cleaning that helps prolong carpet life.

Tennant B5 Battery Burnisher

Achieve high performance propane-like gloss results with the ultra-quiet, battery-powered B5 walk-behind floor burnisher. Your facility will benefit from the machine's optimized down pressure and pad speed, and the environment will benefit from a battery floor burnisher that emits no exhaust emissions and maintains indoor air quality with passive dust control.

Tennant BR-1600-NDC High Speed Burnisher

Achieve the ultimate high-gloss finish on a variety of solid-surface floors with the BR-1600-NDC floor burnisher. The durable, corrosion-proof polyethylene construction of this commercial burnisher and TennantTrue parts will keep your floors shiny and clean.

Tennant EX-SC-1020 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor

Clean small spaces quickly and efficiently with the EX-SC-1020 mid-size carpet extractor. It's powerful enough to tackle large, open spaces, too. Lightweight, maneuverable and durable, it stands up to everyday use. Features like dual spray nozzles help you achieve a deep clean on a variety of carpet styles.

Tennant FM-20-SS Floor Machine

Polish, scrub and strip almost any floor, including uneven surfaces, with this single speed floor machines. Deliver versatile cleaning power and chemical-free floor finish stripping with this heavy-duty, polyethylene floor machine.

Tennant R3 Compact ReadySpace Carpet Extractor

Achieve beautifully clean, always-ready carpet spaces using the Tennant R3 Compact Rapid Drying Carpet Extractor with ReadySpace Rapid Drying Carpet Cleaning Technology. The R3 extractor quickly cleans small areas and reaches tight spaces with its ultra-low profile and compact design.

Tennant T1 Micro Scrubber

Thoroughly and effortlessly clean hard floors in forward and reverse with the highly maneuverable and ergonomic T1 Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber. The 15 inch cleaning path on this compact scrubber easily fits through entryways, checkout aisles, and other confined spaces for inspection-ready facilities.

Tennant T1B Battery Micro Scrubber

This battery-powered micro scrubber efficiently cleans hard floors without the worry of tangled cords, making it even easier to reach small, tight spaces. Its small size easily maneuvers in entryways, vestibules, checkout aisles and more. Replace your mop and bucket with this convenient battery scrubber to keep floors dry and safe.

Tennant T300e Orbital Autoscrubber

Clean virtually any hard surface with the Tennant T300e High Performance Walk-Behind Scrubber. Ideal for daily cleaning or chemical-free floor finish removal. And, when you add Tennant's innovative ec-H2O NanoClean technology, you'll use electrically converted water to clean effectively, save money, and reduce environmental impact.  

Tennant T500e Cylindrical Autoscrubber

The T500e 28" walk-behind autoscrubber provides optimal performance and consistent results on virtually any hard floor surface condition while lowering cleaning costs. Help make your cleaning operation more productive and consistent with the dual cylindrical head that eliminates the need to pre-sweep before cleaning.

Tennant V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum

Clean large, open areas thoroughly and quickly with the V-WA-26 wide area commercial vacuum. The extra-large vacuum head cleans a wide 26" path, while the powerful dual-motor system agitates and lifts debris for a deep cleaning. This versatile wide area vacuum features adjustable height settings for use on a variety of carpeted floors, a low-profile design for cleaning under furniture, and a variety of optional tools for detailed cleaning. Count on the durable roto-mold exterior for years of high use in commercial applications.