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3M Easy Trap Sweep and Dust Sheets

Turn your cleaning crew into a highly trained strike force with 3M Easy Trap Sweep and Dust sheets. Reduce the risk of bad impressions by trapping up to 8x more dirt, dust, and sand than you can using traditional dust mops. Spotless schools, hygienic hospitals, flawless foyers - give your crew the power to achieve amazing results with the sweep and dust sheets.

Multicolor Synthetic Duster Head

A polywood synthetic multi-color duster that can be used as a replacement head for an extendable duster or used on its own for dusting closer surfaces.

Rabbit Ear Duster

The rabbit ear split duster can be bent to conform to any shape, allowing dusting where other tools cannot reach.

Rabbit Ear Duster Tool

The rabbit ear split dusting tool is a flexible frame to be used with the duster pad to conform to any shape, allowing dusting where other tools cannot reach.

Rubbermaid High Duster Head

A replacement high duster head for Rubbermaid's overhead dusting tool.

Rubbermaid Hygen Microfiber Dusting Sleeve

Made of a high-pile split microfiber that provides more dusting coverage than low-pile microfiber. Easily slides on to the Flexi-Wand for quick and efficient dusting.

Rubbermaid Hygen Quick-Connect Flexi-Wand with Microfiber Dusting Sleeve

20" flexible handle with included microfiber sleeve helps easily clean vents, furniture, bed covers, and uniquely shaped fixtures such as crown molding, tops of cabinets, and other areas.

Synthetic Extendable Duster

A flexible polypropylene synthetic multi-color duster that is non-allergenic, attracts dusts, and is adjustable up to 83" to ensure you have the right length for almost any job.

Wall Washing Head

A 100% cotton wall washing head that is used with a swiveling frame and handle that allows frame rotation from a standing position resulting in no bending or stooping while cleaning.

Wall Washing Head Holder

A helping holder for the wall washing head that uses velcro strips to hold the wall washing pad in place during cleaning jobs.