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Clarke BSW 28 Battery Sweeper

Designed to be rugged and versatile, Clarke’s BSW 28 sweeper has the performance for both hard floors and carpets. Featuring a 28" sweeping path, gel batteries, self propelled traction, and an active side broom that sweeps even the smallest debris and dust from the walls edge. The BSW 28 is very quiet and allows sweeping in noise sensitive areas.

IPC Eagle SmartVac 464 Battery Sweeper

The battery operated SmartVac 464 vacuums carpets and sweeps floors at an incredible productivity rate, it automatically adjust to any surface, and even cleans its own filter. The main brush is self-leveling to account for uneven floors and will cope with all debris.

IPC Eagle SmartVac 512 Battery Sweeper

The IPC Eagle 512 walk behind sweeper is one of their best-selling machines thanks to its robust design and quick working speed. The main cylindrical brush picks up dust, stones, cans, and more while the vacuum system filters all the fine dust to leave a dust free environment while in use.

IPC Eagle SmartVac 664 Battery Sweeper

The battery operated Smart Vac 664 will vacuum carpet and sweep floors at incredible productivity rates, automatically adjusting to any surface, and even cleans its own filter.