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3M Doodlebug Scrub ‘n Strip Pads

A floor scrubbing pad designed for tough jobs like removing finish and wax buildup from baseboards, floor edges, and stairs. Use with the swivel pad holder to reach floor areas not accessible to standard floor machines.

Baseboard Brush

A durable low spot baseboard brush that cleans baseboards, moldings, and floor edges. Each side has 5" poly fiber bristle for a total coverage of 10" per sweep.

Carpet Spot Brush

A carpet brush that covers a wide or small area of carpet for scrubbing spots or stains.

Counter Duster Brush

An 8" counter duster brush with feather tip that is perfect for quick clean ups or cleaning hard to reach areas.

Deck Scrub Brush

A 10" deck scrub brush with palmyra bristles that is perfect for scrubbing rough surfaces.

Doodlebug Swivel Pad Holder

A swivel pad holder that lets you twist and turn to reach hard to get places with a Doodlebug pad for scrubbing and stripping.

Grout Brush Block

Clean grout lines without the pain of bending using this grout brush block that connects to a long handle.

Scrub Brush

A scrub brush that covers a wide or small area of tile, grout, ceramic, vinyl, brick, stone, and many more surfaces.

Tile & Grout Brush

A toothbrush-style tile and grout brush that is designed to ease work when scrubbing tile and grout lines, floors, baseboards, walls, and countertops.

Toilet Bowl Brush

A deluxe toilet bowl brush that is durable and resistant to acid, chemicals, and staining, and provides extended reach to make cleaning tasks easier.

Toilet Bowl Swab

A deluxe toilet bowl mop swab that is easy to use, provides better cleaning performance, and is durable against the harshest cleaning chemicals.

Wire Brush

A soft grip steel wire brush that is used for cleaning and refinishing wrought iron and concrete, and removing rust and corrosion from surfaces.