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Dust Mop Frame

A heavy duty, zinc-plated steel frame that is among the most durable in the industry, yet at a economical price.

Dust Mop Handle

A clip-on swivel dust mop handle that sets the industry standard for quality and durability - works with any of our dust mop frames.

Gripper Clamp Mop Handle

A gripper clamp-on mop stick with jaws that open to easily allow installation of a mop head.

Handle with Hexagon Threads

A fiberglass handle with external hexagon threads that fits with our grout brush, angle broom, and baseboard brush.

Handle with Plastic Threads

A metal handle with plastic threads that fits with our rabbit ear tool, wall wash frame, and upright lobby dust pan.

Rubbermaid Hygen Quick-Connect Frame

Features a flat profile that slides easily under furniture and equipment, for use with 18" microfiber flat mops.

Rubbermaid Hygen Quick-Connect Handle

Helps make cleaning more efficient in every area of the facility. The unique connection mechanism allows for easy, time-saving tool exchange. Connects to Quick-Connect flat mop frame.

Tapered Wood Handle

A sanded wood handle with a tapered tip that fits with our deck brush, Doodlebug frame, and floor squeegees.

Threaded Wood Handle

A sanded wood handle with a threaded tip that fits with our baseboard brush, Doodlebug frame, and wall wash frame.