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Tennant B5 Battery Burnisher

Achieve high performance propane-like gloss results with the ultra-quiet, battery-powered B5 walk-behind floor burnisher. Your facility will benefit from the machine's optimized down pressure and pad speed, and the environment will benefit from a battery floor burnisher that emits no exhaust emissions and maintains indoor air quality with passive dust control.

Clarke AM2400D Air Mover Carpet Dryer

The powerful yet compact AM2400D air mover provides the power and versatility to quickly dry floors and circulate air. The 3-speed motor delivers up to 2,400 cfm air flow while minimizing energy usage. 4 position settings provides flexibility for directing air movement and allows for daisy-chaining.

Microdot Bleach Wipes

These 1:10 bleach wipes kill C. diff spores in one step in 3 minutes, disinfects, cleans, deodorizes, and kills other germs in as little as 30 seconds. These are a cost effective alternative to related disinfectant wipe products.

3M 26L Industrial Degreaser

This industrial degreaser works fast to cut through petroleum-based oil and grease, animal fats, food soil, and heavy dirt build up for easy removal.

3M Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System Starter Kit

With the Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System, you can clean without missing a beat. This unique 3-step system gets commercial griddles clean in just 3-5 minutes - so you can focus on creating your next culinary masterpiece.

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