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Clarke Ultra Speed Pro High Speed Burnisher

The Ultra Speed Pro 1500 features a powerful DC rectified motor that drives a consistent 1,500 rpm’s to maintain a wet-look shine on finished floors. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety features, such as handle-mounted safety switch and circuit breaker, and a 50 ft yellow cord, this machine gets the job done fast.

3M C. diff Solution Tablets

The C. diff Solution Tablets are EPA-registered to kill C. diff spores in 4 minutes, are highly versatile, safer than bleach and peracetic acid, and costs significantly less than ready-to-use bleach products.

Truekleen X-Cel Plus Floor Finish

The right product for beautiful, safe floors requiring minimum maintenance. This modern blend of clear acrylic polymers is easy to apply and dries to a high gloss without polishing. Resists black marks and scuffing, resists tracked in water and is not harmed by surface cleaning with detergents, but can be removed easily when desired.

Truekleen Liminate Mal Odor Eliminator

An all purpose, broad use foul odor eliminator that is very concentrated and water soluble making it versatile for multiple applications. Formulated with Airicide odor counteractant to change the geometries of odorous molecules so they are not perceived as unpleasant.

Ultra Shield Advanced Burnishing Spray

A revolutionary floor protection and enhancement product recommended for all commercial environments, particularly healthcare. Will strengthen all acrylic floor finishes and produce durability never before imagined. It has been proven in the field to create a lustrous “wet look” shine that is non-slip and very safe.

3M Scotch-Brite Purple Diamond Plus Floor Pad

A premium quality floor maintenance pad, diamond-coated floor pads for cleaning and polishing marble, travertine, terrazzo, slate, and polished concrete flooring to bring floors to a brilliant shine. Helps eliminate the need to use floor finish and helps reduce labor costs.

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