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3M 3200 Beige TopLine Speed Burnish Floor Pads

Optimizes ultra-high-speed burnishing on a wide variety of finishes. Combines black mark removal and gloss generation in one pad.

3M 3400 Tan Burnish Floor Pads

A floor maintenance burnishing pad that produces good gloss improvement while removing scuffs and marks. Exceptional durability and life. Ideal for harder finishes and high traffic conditions.

3M 4100 White Super Polish Floor Pads

Ideal for light cleaning to help remove soil and scuff marks with minimal dulling of the floor finish. Can also be used to polish wood floors, spray clean, or dry buff soft finishes.

3M 5100 Red Buffer Floor Pads

A floor maintenance, cleaning, and buffing pad designed for everyday cleaning and light scrubbing to remove light soil, scuff marks, and black heel marks.

3M 7200 Black Stripper Floor Pads

Made to strip floor finish from floor prior to refinishing with consistent, proven performance, with a longer pad life. The industry standard against which all other stripping pads are compared.

Carpet Bonnet with Scrubbing Stripes

A great double-sided carpet bonnet featuring looped end synthetic yarn with non-abrasive pile lifting, cleaning stripes. The yarn is long staple synthetic for long wear and minimal linting.

General Purpose Floor Brush

The 3M #53 general purpose floor brush is made for medium duty scrubbing of most floor surfaces, including uneven floor surfaces such as tile and grout applications. The unique wedge design provides multiple cleaning edges that get uneven, rough floors cleaner, faster. Use with an autoscrubber or low speed floor machine.

Malish Mal-Grit Scrub Deep Cleaning Brush

A rotary brush ideal for deep cleaning designed to fit most low speed floor machines and outlasts floor pads 100 to 1. Designed to remove worn finishes, soils, scuffs, and spills and to prepare surfaces for re-coating. Replaces the use of a green general scrubbing pad.

Microfiber Carpet Bonnet

A 19" carpet bonnet that gives you all the advantages of microfiber technology such as durability, faster drying time, and improved cleaning.