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Hawk BVP25D Compact Air Mover Carpet Dryer

The BVP25D air mover is designed for small to medium size jobs and for ventilating hard to reach areas with a 1/4 HP induction motor, moving air up to 900 CFM.

Hawk Glide Floor Machine

The Glide is unique in that it steers in forward-and-backward movement, unlike the typical side-to-side movements of a traditional machine. The Glide delivers up to twice the performance, superior safety, and 1/3rd less amps than traditional floor machines.

Hawk Hot Shot Heated Portable Spotter

The Hot Shot is more than an ordinary spotter. This affordable, powerful, compact unit is designed for superior carpet and upholstery cleaning. The in-line water heater makes cleaning even faster.

Hawk HP1520 High Speed Burnisher

The Hawk high speed burnisher is known for its balance, durability, and value.

Hawk Talon Edger Floor Machine

The Talon Edger floor machine is designed to scrub built-up dirt in corners and on baseboards without bending and back-breaking effort. Scrub with pads or with optional bonnets and brushes.

Hawk TigerHawk Orbital Floor Machine

The TigerHawk 2014 Deluxe Orbital floor machine works faster than rotary machines and easily reaches into corners and baseboards. The rectangular "floating head" design is easy to maneuver, with less vibration, sound, and operator fatigue than other brands.